Creamy mushrooms and raw shredded greens

I ♥ mushrooms. Especially mushrooms snuggled together in a creamy sauce and poured over a crispy raw salad.

Who am I kidding! Yes, I love creamy mushrooms but I was starving and needed to have something with it. Fat is in and carbs are out, so no bread, pasta, or rice – and there’s no soy in this creamy sauce anyway – pumpkin takes too long and cauliflower, not again!

I headed to the garden and my neglected vegetable patch. I pulled out 4 types of young leaves: silverbeet, spinach, red chard and yellow chard and snipped a couple of sprigs of parsley and thyme on the way back to the kitchen.

After rinsing, I ‘shredded’ the leaves and threw them into a pasta bowl. No dressing or seasoning, just as. I chopped up the parsley and set aside to sprinkle on top the mushrooms when the dish was ready – it’s good for your tummy too. The chopped thyme would join the mushrooms in the pan.

Creamy mushrooms with raw greens
Creamy mushrooms with raw greens

I fried my roughly sliced mushrooms (lots in my case) in olive oil and salt, then added the thyme. Once they started to turn brown I added a teaspoon of English mustard and poured in fresh cream. Then I let it simmer down until I liked the look of it and added a couple squeezes from half a lemon (it was there in the fruit bowl). This last bit turned out to be important because in the end, this after thought acted as the perfect foil to the bitterness of the raw green leaves and lifted the sauce.

I seasoned the mushroom sauce to taste, poured it over the greens, added some slivers of parmesan cheese and sprinkled on the parsley. Et voilà, creamy mushrooms and raw shredded salad.

I grabbed a fork from the draw and headed for the couch and the news.


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