Turn breakfast leftovers into burritos

If your fridge is anything like mine, its full of bits of food that are saved from previous meals. Thank you mum, love you.

You always mean to use them but never quite get around to doing it. Then one morning you wake up inspired (or hungover) and go for it.

Hey presto! Breakfast Burritos!

Left overs from the week’s cooked breakfasts, or Sunday breakfast, merged with the kids snack wraps with a generous helping of cheese and pickled peppers. We’re talking whatever there is to hand: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, even spinach or hollandaise. Stick it all in a wrap, and brown it in a pan or sandwich press. Hey presto… delicious second breakfast or satisfying snack.

For the foodie in you…

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